Iași City Hall buys 18 trams and 25 electric buses with PNRR funds

Alina Oprea
Mihai Chirica, the mayor of the city of Iași, announced that 18 trams and 25 electric buses will be purchased with funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). Some of these means of public transport are intended for the transport of students. The mayor mentioned that offers were received for the 18 buses from the Polish company PESA and the Turkish company Bozankaya, which have already brought 16 modern trams to Iasi, the tender being won by the company from Turkey.

"The electric buses will circulate especially in the congested areas, Copou and Bucium, to transport students from one part of the city to another. The buses will be dedicated only to students. If it says "student transport", that's what it will be. Student transport only. Not parents, not grandparents, but only students who will be left at the stations under safe conditions", stated the mayor Mihai Chirica.

Each of the 18 trams is 22 meters long, 135 seats, of which at least 30 are on seats and at least 5 accessible seats for people with disabilities. These means of transport are equipped with air conditioning, heating systems, surveillance and audio-video systems, LED panels, Wi-Fi equipment, GPS, and collision warning systems.

Also, Iași City Hall will buy, also through PNRR, 25 electric buses, with a length of 10 meters, 25 fast charging stations, and eight slow charging stations.

The offers were submitted by the Turkish companies Anadolu and Bozankaya, which also delivered public transport.

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