ATP Trucks Automobile delivers electric buses to Vișeu de Sus

Alina Oprea
ATP Trucks Automobile, a Romanian company producing road transport vehicles and people, delivered the first batch of 10 ATP Bus electric buses to the city of Vișeu de Sus. This is an important moment in the commitment to cleaner and more sustainable urban mobility. ATP Trucks Automobile, a business with 100% Romanian capital, is the youngest business line integrated in 2019 by ATP Group, specializing in the production of road transport vehicles and people.

"The positive evolution of the manufacturer ATP Trucks Automobile is certainly gratifying for us, especially if I think about the promise 4 years ago when we launched our car brand. Then, we announced that we would also develop electric buses. The fact that we have not only fulfilled this promise but are also expanding our production facilities and starting a second phase of investment in the factory today, demonstrates our very serious commitment to innovation and sustainable development. We aim to contribute to the recovery of the regional and national economy, through horizontal growth, through partnerships with as many national suppliers as possible and, implicitly, reducing dependence on external suppliers", said Mircea CIRȚ, president of ATP Group.

The first batch of ATP Bus electric buses was delivered to the town of Viseu de Sus. This first delivery marks the beginning of a concrete collaboration between ATP Group and local authorities in Romania, focused on the modernization of public transport.

"The purchase project for electric buses of the city of Vișeu de Sus was started as early as 2019, and today it is a significant achievement in the direction of modernizing local public transport. Vișeu de Sus becomes the first city in Maramureș County to have 100% electric public transport, an example of sustainable urban development. We are especially happy that our supplier is also from Maramureș", stated Vasile Coman, the mayor of Vișeu de Sus.

Powered exclusively by electric energy sources, these buses contribute to the improvement of the urban environment in several ways: reducing noise, reducing polluting emissions, and improving air quality.

"We are proud of this significant step in our business: the delivery of the first batch of electric buses. I would like to mention on this occasion that new orders are contracted and placed on the production line, with a delivery deadline of the end of this year. They are projects that focus on the importance of modernizing urban mobility", underlined Lucian Varga, CEO of ATP Group.

ATP Group has been active in the automotive field since 1995, as a supplier of auto parts and accessories, and currently positions itself as an integrator of products and systems for the mobility of people and goods. The group's business focuses on ATP Trucks & Buses - the production of electric trucks and buses, ATP Exodus - manufacturer of Stamer superstructures and semi-trailers, Hefton Division - machinery and construction equipment, ATP Motors - car dealership, authorized representative for Mercedes-Benz, Mazda brands, Opel, Suzuki, MAN but also the distributor of ATP Trucks products and, implicitly, of the after-sales services for them.

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