E.ON hands over 161 turnkey PV power plants in 2023

Green Forum
E.ON Energie Romania completed and handed over 161 photovoltaic power plants for 142 partner companies operating in various industries in 2023, with the total value of the projects amounting to almost 30 million euros.

The construction of the photovoltaic power plants involved the installation of 74,230 photovoltaic modules on an area of 178,152 square metres, equivalent to about 25 football pitches, at the partners' sites in 31 counties.

The PV plants produce about 38 GWh of renewable electricity annually, which would be enough to power about 29,000 homes for a whole year, with a total installed capacity of 32 MWp. 

E.ON Energie Romania currently has more than 40 similar projects underway, with the company offering turnkey solutions designed to meet the needs and consumption profile of its customers. 

E.ON supports companies to become prosumers throughout the whole process, from the assessment of the consumption site, the preparation of the technical project, obtaining the necessary permits, the installation of the PV plant and the maintenance of the system and the verification of the electrical installation after the process is completed.

The company said that solar power plants are the most cost-competitive energy production option, with a lifetime of around 25 years and a payback period of 4-5 years.

E.ON Energie Romania's portfolio of photovoltaic generation projects in the non-residential segment included 359 completed projects at the end of 2023, with a total value of more than €64 million. 

The total PV output of the commissioned plants is around 85 GWh/year and CO2 emissions are reduced by around 23,000 tonnes per year.