ROCA Investments to expand solar power capacity across all locations

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ROCA Investments has adopted a approach towards incorporating renewable energy sources within its manufacturing facilities in Romania and is committed to significantly expanding solar power capacity across all locations, said Alexandru Airinei, Sustenability Manager, ROCA Investments, in an interview for Green Forum. Reducing carbon emissions, increasing the share of renewable energy and the development of new products in alignment with European or local regulations are the objectives of Roca's sustainability strategy for 2024.

Can you provide insights into the specific initiatives or projects Roca has implemented in Romania to minimize its environmental footprint?
Our focus is on implementing environmental footprint-reducing initiatives across all our companies. Each of the five companies under ROCA Industry specializes in manufacturing products, thus we are dedicated to continuously improving their technologies to prioritize energy efficiency and minimize waste.
Additionally, monitoring the car fleet and fuel consumption is a crucial aspect of our environmental initiatives. By analyzing the possibilities of replacing vehicles with electric or hybrid cars, we aim to reduce carbon emissions associated with our transportation activities. Furthermore, we are increasing the efficiency of logistics flows for our company-controlled cars and trucks, optimizing routes to minimize fuel consumption and emissions.
What are the main objectives of the sustainability strategy for 2024?
Looking ahead to 2024, our sustainability strategy encompasses a range of objectives that we prioritize, each contributing to our overarching commitment to sustainability and resilience.
Our focus on energy optimization and carbon emissions reduction stands as a cornerstone of our strategy. Equally paramount is our dedication to employee retention and safety. Central to our strategy is the cultivation of a healthy organizational culture and continuous professional development opportunities for our workforce. Additionally, we are steadfast in our efforts to develop a robust work safety culture, implementing an operational "Zero Accidents" program across all companies within our holding.
Furthermore, we are actively pursuing the development of new products in alignment with European or local regulations. Emphasizing the principles of the circular economy, this initiative underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability-driven growth, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.
These objectives represent just a glimpse into the breadth of our sustainability strategy for 2024. As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our dedication to advancing our sustainability agenda across various facets of our operations, striving for a more sustainable and prosperous future for all stakeholders.
In the context of energy consumption, can you discuss Roca's approach to incorporating renewable energy sources within its manufacturing facilities in Romania, and any plans for future expansion in this area?
ROCA Investments has adopted a proactive approach towards incorporating renewable energy sources within its manufacturing facilities in Romania. Solar panels have emerged as a cornerstone in our sustainability journey, with several facilities already reaping the benefits of clean energy, and the remainder actively joining the movement. We are committed to significantly expanding solar power capacity across all locations.
Both of ROCA's holdings have already undertaken such initiatives and will steadfastly continue to do so. It's a long-term strategy aimed at transitioning to increasingly sustainable energy sources.
How does Roca contribute to social development in the local communities?
One good example is the transformation of Sălcioara Secondary School in Ialomita county, where Roca Industry, in a project initiated by the NARADA NGO, donated €50,000, alongside construction materials manufactured in our factories, as well as part of our time and know-how to renovate and transform the school where more than 100 children study.
The project focused on transforming and enhancing both classrooms and multifunctional spaces. We outfitted these areas with new furniture, modern equipment, and thematic designs tailored to the educational environment, fostering strong connections between students and teachers. As a result, we transformed the school into a prosperous environment that inspires student development and academic performance.
How does Roca prioritize and support the well-being of its workforce?
We invest heavily in attracting top talent, but it doesn't stop there. We're dedicated to developing and retaining our employees, knowing that their skills and expertise are what drive our business forward. That's why we offer tailored professional development opportunities that provide a sustainable career path for each individual.
Our approach to training is hands-on and personalized. We blend practical, on-site learning with theoretical courses, ensuring that each employee gets the support they need to thrive. We understand that real growth happens through experience, collaboration, and learning from challenges. That's why we've set up mentoring programs to provide guidance and support to new employees as they navigate their roles.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM