Auchan Romania recycles 1 million liters of used cooking oil into biofuel

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Within the Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling Program at Auchan stores, 1 million liters of used oil have been collected to date, preventing improper disposal and environmental pollution. Launched in 2019 by Auchan, the first retailer in Romania to introduce such a collection project, the initiative has mobilized over 770,000 Romanians who understand the harmful effects of used cooking oil on soil and water, as well as the generation of additional costs for the maintenance and cleaning of wastewater treatment plants. 

Additionally, this project has led to a reduction of 2,300 tons of CO2 emissions, as the collected oil has been converted into 1 million liters of biofuel.

According to Auchan Romania, the quantities of oil collected for recycling have steadily increased over the past two years. Last year, the collected amount reached 320,000 liters, over 40% more than the previous year, thanks to constant efforts to promote the project and raise awareness among customers about its environmental importance.

"We have witnessed an organic growth in the quantity of oil brought in by consumers for collection, reaching 1 million liters collected across the entire network today. This quantity will no longer end up uncontrolled, polluting the soil and water. We are grateful to all the customers who have been involved and have shown responsibility, understanding that a simple gesture becomes vital when it comes to protecting the planet and its resources. Together, we can enjoy a cleaner environment. We also thank our partners, Fairy, Aqua Carpatica, Respiră Verde, as well as the teams involved, with whom we will continue to fight for a greener future, and we invite Romanians to continue bringing their used oil to our stores for recycling," said Corina Dospinoiu, Sustainability Director at Auchan Retail Romania.

Designed as an initiative to promote responsibility, the Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling Program is available indefinitely in 40 Auchan hypermarkets and supermarkets, with the most recent collection point launched in the Auchan Moșnița supermarket in Timiș County.

Due to the results achieved through this program, Auchan was among the top 5 national champions for water protection designated by the Romanian Government through the Department of Sustainable Development in 2023. The award was presented at the Sustainable Development Gala, which aimed to recognize successful projects that promote water or pursue sustainability objectives in the water sector.

Residents of Satu Mare, residents of Drumul Taberei in Bucharest, and residents of Galați are among the top consumers who have collected the largest quantities of used cooking oil.

The effects of improper disposal of used cooking oil waste have been understood by the Auchan customer community, with many willing to change their consumption behavior to be more responsible and ecological. Thus, in the ranking of stores that have collected the most used oil since the start of the project, the Auchan hypermarket in Satu Mare ranks first, followed by Auchan Drumul Taberei in the capital, and Auchan Galați.

Customers who bring in used oil to Auchan stores are rewarded, depending on the quantity delivered, with products from partners Fairy and Aqua Carpatica. For oil recycling, Auchan collaborates with Respiră Verde, a national leader in the collection, valorization, and final disposal of used edible oils and fats, with all Auchan partners involved in the program sharing the same vision and sustainability strategy, as well as the desire to fight for environmental protection.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM