Visual Fan delivers over 3.4 MW of PV Projects for SMEs

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Visual Fan, a company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and one of the leading local providers of sustainable and innovative solutions for efficient green energy production, has recently inaugurated new photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of over 3.4 MW, according to an announcement published on the Bucharest Stock Exchange at the end of January.

These were financed by European SME funds and completed in the last quarter of 2023. Allview Industry-IMM was the driving force behind this achievement, providing leading expertise in consultancy, design, procurement and execution.

Among the most important projects recently commissioned:

-Ena Wood project in Prahova: The 399 kW photovoltaic power plant includes Huawei inverters and 700 570 W panels, mounted two at a time in portrait mode on a support structure made of galvanized steel.

-Mountain Spring project in Bicaz: The 396 kW roof-mounted PV system consists of 690 Tyre-1 575 W PV panels and Huawei inverters.

-Binalia project in Arad: The 302 kW PV system, mounted on the pitched and flat roof of the company's buildings, includes 543 PV panels of 555 W and 3 inverters, ensuring an optimal mix of performance and durability.

-Project in Biharia, Bihor: The Allview photovoltaic panels of the 275.6 kW photovoltaic power plant were mounted on the tin roof of the building using special fastening systems that ensure stability and resistance in all weather conditions.

-Panifcom project in Botosani: A 130 kW photovoltaic system, mounted on the ground on a reinforced concrete structure that did not require drilling into the ground, benefits from 237 Allview 550 kW panels, making a significant contribution to green energy production.

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