Visual Fan signs contract for 1 MWp solar park contract

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Visual Fan, through its green energy solutions division, Allview Solar Energy, in association with Waldevar Energy, announced the signing of a contract with Rondocarton S.R.L. for the implementation of a 1 MWp Full EPC project. 

The value of the project is almost €602,634. The plant covered by the contract is used for Rondocarton's consumption and will remain at the prosumer level.

The Full EPC project involves the provision of all engineering, design, procurement, erection, commissioning, prosumer dossier, and technical project support to the distribution operator. The installation will take place on the Rondocarton building in Targoviste and the photovoltaic panels will be placed on aluminum support structures designed to provide stability and resistance to varying weather conditions. These structures include ballast elements and are equipped with protective components for the mounting surface, maintaining the integrity of the PVC waterproofing membrane.

The solution proposed by the Allview Solar Energy division consists of the installation of a 1000kVA 20/0.8 kV transformer substation and a 0.8/0.4 kV internal service transformer, the use of 685 W Trina Solar brand Tier 1 photovoltaic panels with type-N cells offering superior efficiency. These are positioned east-west and efficiently distributed across the roof surface to minimize DC losses and maximize solar energy output.

The estimated electricity produced over the next 20 years will be more than 25,535 MWh and the estimated decrease in greenhouse gases will be 15,755 tonnes CO2/year. The gross (primary) energy production from renewable sources is 114.66 tons/year for Rondocarton.

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