Buzău County Council wants to build a PV park

Alina Oprea
The Buzău County Council has approved the project for the construction of a photovoltaic park. The investment is necessary to ensure the consumption of electricity for the own premises and for the subordinate institutions, including the County Hospital, the Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection, and the George Ciprian Theatre. The approach comes in the context where the invoices reach €200,000-300,000 in some periods of the year.

The county councilors, gathered in an extraordinary meeting, approved the project "Installation of photovoltaic panels for the production of energy from renewable sources for self-consumption, at the Buzău County UAT" which is to be submitted in order to obtain European funding of approximately €1 million.

According to the president of the Buzau County Council, the project has every chance of being approved.

"We are advanced enough with the technical things to become eligible to access the Environmental Fund for this investment. The project is viable and has every chance of receiving funding. Such a park will appear in Beceni commune that will produce the energy we need," said Petre Emanoil Neagu, at the end of the extraordinary meeting of the Buzău County Council.

The project foresees the installation of two photovoltaic power plants in the municipality of Buzău and in the commune of Beceni on two lands belonging to the county of Buzău.

Both plants would have a power of over 399 kW, and at this moment a feasibility study necessary for the implementation of the project was started.

"The bills of the County Council are extremely high because, in addition to our own headquarters, we have under our jurisdiction the County Hospital, the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection, the County Library, and the County Museum. The bills reach over €100,000 and even €200,000-300,000 in certain periods of the year," said Petre Emanoil Neagu, president of the Buzău Regional Council.

The duration of the implementation of the project approved on Thursday by the county elected officials is 12 months and, according to President CJ Buzău, once realized, the budget savings will be considerable.

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