Engie to develop PV park in Brăila County

Alina Oprea
Engie has started the construction of a photovoltaic park in Brăila County, located next to a wind farm that it owns. At the beginning of September, Engie started the works for the photovoltaic park in Gemenele, Brăila County, a greenfield project, developed by the company's teams, Engie says.

"Located on a 14-hectare plot of land next to the Gemenele wind farm that Engie Romania operates, the photovoltaic park will have an installed capacity of 9,316 MWp and will be built in the coming months. Upon completion of the construction site, the existing photovoltaic and wind farm (with an installed capacity of 47.5MW) will have the same connection points to the grid and will become one of the first hybrid power plants from renewable sources in Romania", says Engie.

Each kWh produced by the new photovoltaic plant will reduce the CO2 level by 0.3-0.5 kg. Thus, the estimated annual CO2 saving amounts to approximately 3,900 tons, Engie also shows.

Engie owns, in Romania, two wind farms with a capacity of almost 100 MW, in Brăila and Galați counties, and four photovoltaic parks, with a total installed capacity of almost 24 MW, in the counties of Araf, Harghita, Buzău, and Teleorman.

Globally, the French group Engie operates capacities of 11,800 MW in wind and 4,200 MW in photovoltaics, to which are added hydroelectric plants with a capacity of 21,000 MW.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM