Libra Internet Bank finances €17.2 million solar parks in Mureș

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Libra Internet Bank provided financing of €17.2 million for a green energy project with a total capacity of over 53 MW, built in Mureș County by Glodeni Energy, a company part of the DRI (DTEK Renewables International BV) portfolio.

The project includes four solar parks, which are located on an area of approximately 82 hectares in four communes in Mureș. The total number of photovoltaic panels is almost 80,000.

"The energy produced by this photovoltaic plant is sufficient to ensure the necessary consumption for more than 19,000 households," the statement said.

Libra Internet Bank has recently financed several projects for the production of renewable energy. The bank offers interested companies, among other things, technical and legal consultancy, feasibility analysis and does not condition lending on the conclusion of PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contracts.

DRI (DTEK Renewables International BV) is a company dedicated to accelerating the energy transition in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe - regions that need renewable energy development to meet their Net-Zero targets. DRI's mission is to accelerate Europe's reduction of dependence on fossil fuels by creating a 5 GW portfolio of renewable energy projects focused on Italy, Poland, Romania and Croatia.

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