City Hall of Timisoara wants to build 5.6 MW PV park

Alina Oprea
The mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz, has announced that the City Hall wants to build a photovoltaic park in the west of the city, close to the Freidorf industrial area. The project is part of the city's strategy to transition to renewable energy production and reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. The photovoltaic park will have a capacity of 5.6 MW and an average annual production of approximately 7,800 MWh.

The estimated value of the investment is RON 32.22 million (€6.44 million), VAT included, and has an implementation duration of 12 months, from the issuance of the start order.

"Our goal is to cover almost two-thirds of the electricity consumption for public lighting through this photovoltaic park. We have started the transition towards a greener city in terms of energy, and the creation of this park is an important step on this road. We have ongoing projects for which we already have financing obtained from European funds for electric public transport, the energy efficiency of schools, hospitals, and blocks of flats, as well as the modernization of the district heating network in Timisoara. They all contribute to a greener and less polluted Timisoara", explains Dominic Fritz.

The park will provide the electricity needed for public street lighting and thus reduce operating expenses.

The proposed technical solution is to use monocrystalline panels because they are more efficient in winter or cloudy weather when public lighting is more intensively used.

The local councilors of the municipality of Timisoara approved the technical-economic indicators and the donation deed of the feasibility study.

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