NextE invests €35 million in solar park in Romania

Alina Oprea
nextE has announced the signing of a corporate PPA for a solar plant in Romania with an installed capacity of over 50 MW. This is the largest Corporate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contract for green energy in Romania. Thus, nextE will invest approximately €35 million for the design and implementation of the photovoltaic plant composed of 78,000 photovoltaic panels and 130 inverters, as well as its own 110/20kV substation.

"nextE, a renewable energy company operating as an Independent Energy Producer (IPP) - announces the continuation of the development of the solar C&I market (Commercial & Industrial consumers) in Romania and its EaaS (Energy as a Service) product by signing a new contract Corporate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) between a consumer and a producer of renewable energy. Based on this contract, nextE will deliver long-term green energy to its client from a photovoltaic plant of 42.9 MW / 51.48 MWp, this being the largest on-site solar C&I project in Romania and one of the more important in the region", informs the company.

All components will be state-of-the-art, the power plant being developed on an area of ​​50 hectares in an agri PV regime that allows grazing to continue on the power plant site, thus reducing the impact on the community and local activities.

This is the latest nextE project from the development plan, which involves the realization of 500 MWp by 2027 in photovoltaic projects through which the energy will be delivered directly to large commercial and industrial consumers in Romania.

"The signing of the partnership between nextE and our client represents a landmark event for the photovoltaic industry and the C&I market in Romania: we mark a partnership and an investment with an immediate impact on sustainability in Romania, through which nextE will realize the largest C&I project in Romania and among the largest in Europe. We continue to invest in several projects at various stages of implementation, totaling approximately 160 MWp, with our target being to reach a capacity of 500 MWp by the end of 2027. We will continue to address electricity consumers in Romania with offers and products which ensure the sustainability of their activity", says Octavian Ciucă, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of nextE.

Bogdan Cordoș, Chief Legal and Strategy Officer of nextE states that, for nextE, the energy transition involves not only the protection of the environment by reducing emissions but also the continuation of economic activity on a financially sustainable basis.

 "After the completion at the end of last year of the first C&I investment in Romania, PvPP nextE Alpha Prundu Bargaului, through this latest long-term partnership, nextE continues its strategy to produce green energy for large consumers in Romania, guaranteeing the security of supply and price through the EaaS structure. nextE's strategy is to maximize the impact of green energy production by delivering it where it is most needed - to the large consumers in Romania, who must reduce their impact on the environment and at the same time ensure their competitiveness", he adds.

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