Teilor Holding publishes first sustainability report

Green Forum
Teilor Holding SA, a conglomerate consisting of luxury jewelry chain Teilor, has released its inaugural Sustainability Report for 2022. This marks a significant step in the group's dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. As part of this commitment, Teilor Holding has introduced DAAR, a luxury brand specializing in sustainable jewelry crafted from lab-created diamonds and recycled precious metals, thus minimizing environmental impact.

Florin Enache, founder of Teilor Holding, emphasized the company's longstanding commitment to excellence in luxury over the past 25 years. The launch of the Sustainability Report underscores their dedication to ESG principles, with the introduction of DAAR as a natural progression in their responsible journey.

DAAR, a part of the Teilor group, opened its first standalone store in Promenade Craiova in 2023. Plans for 2024 include expanding the DAAR network with approximately ten new stores across Bucharest and beyond and launching an e-commerce platform in the second quarter. DAAR's jewelry collection features lab-created diamond pieces, offering a diverse range of sustainable options, including 14K gold jewelry with lab-created diamonds, 10K gold jewelry with or without zirconia crystals, as well as pieces made from silver or stainless steel.

Teilor Holding's Environmental Strategy is centered on reducing its ecological footprint, responsibly sourcing raw materials, and embracing the circular economy. Through digitalization efforts, the group has significantly reduced paper consumption and integrated digital platforms into its operations. Additionally, Teilor is actively engaged in recycling initiatives, with 62.1 kg of gold recycled in 2022, contributing to creating new products.

Regarding social responsibility, Teilor Holding prioritizes fostering a fair work environment, exemplified by gender equality, educational opportunities, and fair wages across its companies. The Teilor Talent Academy was established for talent development, with a significant number of employees participating in professional development courses.

Governance practices at Teilor Holding uphold ethical business conduct, ensuring transparency and integrity in dealings with suppliers and employees. Employee Code of Conduct policies cover various aspects, including anti-corruption measures and gender equality, with no reported incidents in 2022.

Mircea Varga, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Teilor Holding, emphasized the importance of ESG initiatives in aligning with business objectives and meeting investor expectations. The Sustainability Report, prepared by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, underscores the company's commitment to ongoing ESG reporting.

Teilor Holding remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and pledges to continue reporting its progress annually.


Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM