One United Properties releases the fourth Sustainability Report

Green Forum
In its fourth Sustainability Report, One United Properties for 2023 showcases significant progress across environmental, social, and governance fronts. 

The company completed 1,549 residential and commercial units, with 4,281 more under active development, solidifying its position as Romania's leading green developer. Operations spanned fourteen construction sites, including notable restorations like the former Ford Factory, now One Gallery, and Braikoff House, set to open as One Athenee in 2025. CEO Victor Capitanu emphasized their commitment to transparently measuring ESG impacts, underscoring their role as pioneers in sustainable development for Bucharest and beyond.

Expansion in 2023 saw developments exceeding € 1.5 billion in value and nearly 900,000 sqm in total surface area under construction. The company's social policies advanced significantly, with improvements in employee remuneration, reductions in compensation ratios, and strides in gender pay equality. Notable achievements included high occupancy rates in their rental portfolio and support for local economies through office spaces accommodating almost 10,000 employees, generating substantial revenue.

CEO Andrei Diaconescu highlighted ongoing innovations in sustainability, including strong customer interest in eco-friendly living and a landmark agreement to develop Romania's most sustainable office building, One Technology District, pioneering gas-free heating and cooling solutions. As they continue tracking key environmental metrics like CO2 emissions, One United Properties remains dedicated to driving sustainability and innovation forward.

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