Cris-Tim Group introduces electric trucks in its distribution operations

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Cris-Tim Group is taking the first step towards the transition to electromobility by integrating the Mercedes-Benz eActros 400 truck into its distribution operations. During testing, the eActros is being used to deliver around 7 tonnes of goods, distributed on 18 pallets, travelling around 200 km daily, the distance between the manufacturer's central warehouse and the platforms of major retailers. 

The eActros model is thus part of an integrated service package, which includes specialised consultancy and intelligent digital solutions.

„More and more industries are interested in the subject of electrification of distribution and transport fleets. We have run a number of trials with eActros over the past year in a wide range of areas, from general merchandise distribution to automotive components and courier services, and we are continuing with eActros' involvement in Cris-Tim's transport operations" said Valeriu Zaharia, CEO Daimler Truck & Bus Romania.

Cris-Tim Family Holding controls all stages from production to distribution and delivery. The company relies on its own fleet of 22 trucks and 150 vans.

„The test with eActros helps us better understand how we need to prepare for the transition to electromobility in our fleet," said Radu Timis Jr, CEO of Cris-Tim Group.

For several weeks, the eActros electric truck has been used daily to transport about 7 tons of goods, distributed at full capacity (18 pallets), over a distance of about 200 km, between the manufacturer's central warehouse in Filipeștii de Pădure and the platforms of major retailers, thus covering the company's distribution needs. 

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