Bucharest's STB to buy another 70 electric buses

Alina Oprea
The Bucharest Transport Company (STB) is launching a tender for the purchase, through operational leasing, of 70 eight-meter electric buses. STB, the main public transport company in Bucharest and Ilfov County, has published an announcement in this regard on the Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP). The estimated total value of the contract is €50.48 million. The validity period of the contract is nine years, the leasing period is eight years, and the delivery period is 12 months.

The deadline for receiving offers is July 4th. In order to evaluate the offers, the financial component represents 40%, the transport autonomy - is 20% (minimum 200 kilometres between two successive loads), the transport capacity - is 20% (minimum 24 people including the driver, of which at least 10 seats + a place for wheelchairs), early delivery and commissioning capabilities (including charging stations) 20%.

The bidder will prove that he has delivered vehicles through leasing in the last three years with a cumulative value of at least €6 million, at the level of a maximum of five contracts.

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