Allsys Group shifts focus toward installation of PV parks in Romania

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The Allsys Group of energy services companies announced that it will focus its activities on this field after it has already completed the first contracts for the installation of solar parks. The two companies installed a 1,409 KW solar system at Shopping City Piatra Neamţ and a 450 KW solar system at Selgros Craiova last year.  

The consortium of companies under the ALLSYS umbrella, which is deeply entrenched in the energy services sector, is banking on the promising growth prospects of the photovoltaic energy market in Romania. They have announced their strategic shift towards this domain, having already wrapped up initial contracts for the establishment of solar parks.

Established in 2002 by initially taking over the reading-collection operations of Electrica SA, ALLSYS ENERGY has undergone a tumultuous journey. However, under a revamped management strategy, it has evolved into a conglomerate of energy service entities, recently bolstered by the inclusion of RO ELECTRIC CONSTRUCT. Both entities are presently engaged in the installation of photovoltaic parks, having secured their inaugural contracts in this realm last year," stated Adrian Moraru, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ALLSYS ENERGY.

"Primarily, ALLSYS ENERGY provides tailored installation services for photovoltaic parks. Collaborating with RO ELECTRIC CONSTRUCT, our teams harness cutting-edge technologies to devise bespoke solutions for each client, optimizing efficiency and harnessing sunlight to generate sustainable energy," Moraru elaborated.

In the preceding year, the combined efforts of ALLSYS ENERGY and RO ELECTRIC CONSTRUCT culminated in the installation of a 1409 KW solar system at Shopping City Piatra Neamt and a 450 KW solar system at Selgros Craiova.

Specializing in precise energy measurement, efficient energy infrastructure design, and energy installation execution, the ALLSYS consortium is spearheaded by ALLSYS ENERGY, boasting an average workforce of 580 employees. Despite enduring a challenging period marked by substantial losses, the company rebounded in 2022, amassing a turnover of €5.8 million and recording a net profit exceeding €200,000.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM