Microsoft signs contract for 10.5 GW of global renewable power capacity

Green Forum
Brookfield Asset Management, alongside Brookfield Renewable, and Microsoft, have signed a global renewable energy framework agreement aimed at accelerating Microsoft's sustainability objectives.

This five-year pact maps out strategies for developing more than 10.5 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity, dwarfing previous corporate power purchase agreements.

The agreement lays the groundwork for expanding renewable energy capacity within targeted regions such as the U.S. and Europe, with potential extensions into Asia-Pacific, India, and Latin America. By committing to Microsoft's ambitious goal of sourcing 100% of its electricity consumption from zero-carbon energy purchases by 2030, the collaboration underscores a shared commitment to decarbonizing global energy supplies and curbing carbon emissions.

Brookfield's track record of nearly one gigawatt of renewable capacity contracted outside of this agreement bolsters the partnership, providing a solid foundation for future endeavors. The agreement charts a course for Brookfield to deliver substantial renewable energy capacity growth between 2026 and 2030, with provisions for further expansion into new markets.

This strategic alliance not only serves Microsoft's burgeoning cloud service demands but also accelerates the transition to renewable energy solutions within the industry. While focusing on wind and solar energy, the agreement also explores emerging carbon-free energy technologies.

Connor Teskey, CEO of Brookfield Renewable and President of Brookfield Asset Management, remarked, "This pioneering agreement, nearly eight times larger than any previous corporate power purchase agreement, showcases our ability to deliver scalable clean energy solutions and drive the energy transition forward."

Adrian Anderson, General Manager of Renewables, Carbon-Free Energy, and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) at Microsoft, added, "Our collaboration with Brookfield underscores our commitment to sustainable energy practices and our goal of achieving 100% reliance on zero-carbon energy sources by 2030."


Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM