Apa Nova cuts CO2 emissions and boosts renewable energy

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Apa Nova, the water supply and sewerage service provider for Bucharest, has published its 2023 sustainability report. The report highlights the implemented solutions, achievements, and the company's firm commitment to sustainable development.

With a strong focus on responsibility, the report demonstrates the integration of sustainability principles into every aspect of its operations, by the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and the methodology outlined by the Romanian Sustainability Code.

In 2023, Apa Nova made significant progress, achieving a reduction of 623 tons of CO₂ emissions through the use of photovoltaic panels, increasing the share of renewable energy sources in total energy consumption to 42%, and reducing the carbon intensity of operations by 5% compared to the previous year. Additionally, the company achieved a 91.07% completion rate of action plans aimed at protecting the natural environment and biodiversity in sensitive areas.

Strategic investments and innovation efforts materialized in essential projects such as the construction of photovoltaic energy production units worth a total of €7.7 million and a pilot project for recovering thermal energy from wastewater, with an investment of approximately 1 million lei. Apa Nova also invested 1.3 million lei in the acquisition of electric vehicles for its fleet, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to reducing the company's environmental impact.

"We are confident in achieving our sustainability goals, given the significant progress we made in 2023 by reducing carbon emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. Investments in modern infrastructure and innovative technologies reflect our ongoing dedication to a sustainable future for all Bucharest residents. We will continue to strive to develop sustainable projects and adapt our strategies to meet the needs of today and especially tomorrow, ensuring a greener future for our community," said Mădălin Mihailovici, General Manager of Apa Nova Bucharest.

In 2023, Apa Nova distributed approximately 9.55 million cubic meters of drinking water to neighboring localities and collected about 12.61 million cubic meters of wastewater. Additionally, the efficiency of the drinking water supply system was evaluated at 77.87%, 5.87% above the objective standard of 72%. Another notable aspect highlighted in the sustainability report is the reduction of waste from water treatment and purification equipment by 24.7%, surpassing the goal set for 2023.

Moreover, Apa Nova managed to eliminate work accidents resulting in temporary incapacity in 2023, down from three cases in 2022 to zero in 2023. Regarding human resource development, the company provided an average of 50 hours of professional training per employee, promoting a safe and progressive work environment.

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