BayWa r.e. to acquire 44.5 MW solar project in Romania

Green Forum
German renewable energy firm BayWa r.e. is set to acquire the Poarta Albă solar park project in Romania in 2024, originally developed by HVAC Systems. The photovoltaic project has an approved capacity of 44.5 MW.

This acquisition marks a significant stride in the strategic partnership between the two entities, with HVAC Systems continuing to oversee the development of the Poarta Albă project from the takeover phase until its completion, as outlined in a press release from HVAC Systems.

HVAC Systems, currently overseeing projects with an installed capacity of around 150 MW, emphasized its dedication to sustainable and innovative renewable energy development through this partnership with BayWa r.e.

The acquisition is expected to bolster the market presence of both companies in Romania, while also contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced energy efficiency, and environmental preservation.

Specializing in HVAC engineering, energy engineering, irrigation infrastructure, as well as photovoltaic and electricity storage projects, HVAC Systems stands as a prominent player in the sector.

BayWa r.e., operating in over 33 countries globally, engages in solar, wind, and bioenergy projects. With revenues nearing €6.5 billion, BayWa r.e. stands as a leading developer, service provider, distributor, and energy solutions provider in the renewable energy sector. The company is jointly owned by BayWa Group and Energy Infrastructure Partners.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM