Symmetrica invests over €6 million in photovoltaic panels

Alina Oprea
Symmetrica, the Romanian producer of vibro-pressed pavers and curbs, will invest, until the end of the current year, more than €6 million in the development of photovoltaic panel parks in 8 of its factories. In this way, the producer from Suceava counts on covering an important part of the electricity consumption necessary for the activity in each unit. The photovoltaic panels to be installed are mono-crystalline, with a high efficiency of 84.8%. In total, all 8 locations will add up to approx. 10,000 solar panels installed.

Each of the photovoltaic parks developed by the company will be located in an area of ​​approx. 10,000 sqm, it will have an installed power of 520/h KW and will be able to produce around 620,000 kWh of clean electricity per year, equivalent to the annual consumption of around 200 households.

"Sustainability is one of Symmetrica's key goals, and investing in photovoltaic panel parks came as a natural step in our development. In fact, the surfaces purchased for the construction of our factories were from the beginning designed to accommodate the installation of such green energy production systems", said Sebastian Bobu, Executive Director of Symmetrica.

According to the company representative, 8 of its own production units will have their own photovoltaic parks by the end of 2023. Among them are the factories in Verești - both the one intended for the production of pavers and Symmetrica Tech -, Solca, Doaga, Arad, Bolintin Deal, and Podul Iloaiei. In fact, the Symmetrica Tech factory in Verești already has the advantages of the photovoltaic park, because the works have been completed and the system is fully functional. Also, the new unit to be inaugurated this year near Constanța will have such a system installed.

"We will end this year with photovoltaic parks located in 8 of our factories and we estimate that we will thus cover, for each work point, approx. 80% of energy consumption from own sources", said Sebastian Bobu.

The technical implementation of these projects will be carried out by the association of companies Electroaxa and Volter, providers of photovoltaic solutions.

In addition to financial and energy benefits, each completed photovoltaic park also has a positive impact on the environment. It will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 270,000 kg per year, equivalent to more than 13,000 trees planted or the avoidance of approximately 30 tons of waste burned in incineration plants. By using the electricity produced, Symmetrica will reduce dependence on electricity generated from traditional sources such as coal or natural gas, thus minimizing the impact on the environment and human health.

"We are proud to have a responsible approach to the environment. The investment in these photovoltaic parks is an eloquent example of our commitment to reducing the impact on the environment and contributing to the sustainability of our planet. Especially in the current context, in which costs of energy have increased alarmingly, ensuring energy independence is an important step. In fact, our estimates show that we will amortize the investment in the next 4 years, at the current price of energy," said Sebastian Bobu.

Also, Symmetrica obtained the status of prosumer, following that during the periods when it does not need all the energy produced in its own system, it will deliver it to the network.

PV system users save on average €816 per year on electricity

PV system users save on average €816 per year on electricity

7 out of 10 Romanians who install photovoltaic systems are from urban areas. Also, RON35,000 (€7,000) is the average value of the projects implemented and in the process of implementation, shows a study by the company Ensys, a supplier of turnkey photovoltaic systems in Romania. It shows that the amortization period of a photovoltaic system is 2-7 years. The study shows that 7 out of 10 Romanians who install photovoltaic systems are from the urban environment, and 8 out of 10 customers who install photovoltaic systems are men.

Green energy markets potential to exceed €30 billion by 2040

Green energy market's potential to exceed €30 billion by 2040

The potential of the green energy market (solar panels, heat pumps, insulation) is estimated at over €30 billion by the year 2040. The consulting company McKinsey & Company Romania shows that Romania's transition to green energy represents a financing opportunity for banks of €20 billion.

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