UniCredit Bank Romania launches ESG Journey event series

Green Forum
Over 500 companies from across the country are expected to attend the ESG Journey event series from May to November 2024, organized by Social Innovation Solutions in partnership with UniCredit Bank Romania. 

The events will be held in eight cities: Bucharest, Timișoara, Oradea, Brașov, Constanța, Iași, Craiova, and Cluj, and are aimed at entrepreneurs, CEOs, and CFOs from companies with a turnover of over 2 million euros, who are interested in the rapid and efficient transition to the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) regulatory framework.

"We understand very well the challenges any responsible company faces during this period, generated by the multitude of legislative changes and the need to deeply analyze the risks arising from the impact of climate change and how these can influence current business models. However, we equally understand the opportunities that may arise in this context and are ready to discuss them, because at UniCredit Bank we believe in partnering with our clients for a fair and equitable transition," said Mihaela Lupu, CEO of UniCredit Bank Romania.

The new legislative sets and the European and national regulatory framework stemming from the EU Green Deal significantly influence how companies will be evaluated by auditors, investors, partners, suppliers, and financiers. Adopting the ESG framework in Romania's business environment brings both opportunities and challenges, and companies that adapt their strategies to integrate ESG principles will be better positioned to gain advantages both in the short and long term.

The ESG Journey addresses the need and urgency of local companies to prioritize and start including sustainability in the core of their business strategy, thus accelerating the transition to a low-carbon business model. The ESG Journey events will focus on ESG risks and opportunities for Romania's business environment, addressing topics of interest to any company concerned with the transition to a sustainable business model: increasing transparency and accountability, access to sustainable financing and investments, dual materiality and specific analysis, external and internal benefits, and sustainability reporting as a strategic tool.

The ESG Journey will begin on Friday, May 17, in Bucharest and will continue in Timișoara (May 30), Oradea (June 6), Brașov (September 10), Constanța (September 20), Iași (September 26), Craiova (November 7), and Cluj (November 14). 

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM