NGO Green Revolution launches urban sustainability concept in Bucharest

Green Forum
The Green Revolution Association, the first urban ecology NGO in Romania, in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank Romania and Mastercard, proposes an innovative solution to the sustainability infrastructure issue.  

These Infrastructure Pop-ups aim to integrate multiple macro concepts into a smaller, easily usable, and mountable space due to the modular and scalable solution.

"A significant problem, which seemed to fall exclusively within the state's responsibilities, has thus found an accessible solution for the private sector as well. These modular boxes can be placed in various locations, proving extremely useful for the needs of local communities, thanks to the integrated sustainable concepts," the press release states.

The first Pop-up of this kind, developed by Green Revolution in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank Romania and Mastercard Romania, has already been placed in sector 3, at the intersection of Unirii Boulevard with Nerva Traian, and aims to address some of the major issues faced by people in communities when it comes to sustainability and resource management.

"Our projects respond to the current problems of society. Bucharest has to achieve goals of decarbonizing transport, waste collection, reducing pollution, and improving air quality according to the targets set by the European Commission. Solutions exist; the only thing needed is prioritizing humans in sustainable urban planning. The infrastructure pop-up is an example of such a solution, which we believe will be embraced by the community in the area. Our goal is to continue developing such projects in Bucharest by the end of the year, and from next year onwards, we will also go to other cities in the country," said Raluca Fişer, president of Green Revolution.

In the context of increasing purchases of electric cars, more and more Romanians using bicycles as a means of transportation, awareness of the importance of collecting and recycling packaging, and the need to benefit from FANbox-type services, this agile and innovative concept is a necessity that saves time and resources.

The project aims to encourage citizens open to adopting sustainable futures and to support and motivate representatives from the private sector, who often encounter bureaucratic barriers or those of state institutions.

Green Revolution is an urban ecology association founded in 2009, to make cities in Romania greener, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly. Green Revolution initiates and implements extensive environmental education projects and constructive dialogue with the authorities and stakeholders involved, to improve environmental policies and strategies.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM