Cluj County to buy 34 electric school minibusses for students

Alina Oprea
The authorities in Cluj have announced that they would buy 34 electric school minibusses for the students in the county. Cluj County Council thus announces a new project with European funding, in the field of educational infrastructure. The value of the project financed, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, is RON 36.44 million (€7.28 million), including VAT.

"Education remains a priority for the Cluj County Council, so the county administrative forum implements, with the help of European funds, the project aimed at the purchase of 34 electric school minibuses for the students of Cluj County. In this way, students from 34 Cluj communes will benefit from electric minibuses with a capacity of 16+1 seats", announces Cluj County Council.

Among the benefits of the project listed by CJ Cluj are:

• improving transportation conditions for students, especially for those from isolated areas with a low population,

• facilitating students' access to education,

• reducing absenteeism and school dropout, but also

• protecting nature, the minibuses being friendly to the environment and having a low consumption.

"All these significant benefits for the residents of Cluj County are due to the access to non-refundable European funds, the Cluj County Council managing to attract approximately €1 billion of European funding in the period 2008-2023", states Cluj County Council.

To this project already won by the CJ Council is added another investment aimed at the purchase of another 25 electric school minibuses submitted for financing within the Environmental Fund Administration Program.

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