Helios & Wind Energy to build 31 wind turbines in Romania

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Helios & Wind Energy has received approval to construct 31 wind turbines with a total capacity of 186 MW/hour, which will be located in five localities in the northern part of Vaslui County, Romania: Oşeşti, Rebricea, Ştefan cel Mare, Vultureşti communes, and the town of Negreşti.  

The agreement comes less than a month after the issuance of the environmental permit for the "Hoceni - Dimitrie Cantemir Wind Farm" project, which includes 31 turbines of 6.6 MW each.

The plans involve the construction of a wind farm consisting of 31 wind turbines with a power of 6 MW each, totaling 186 MW/hour. The project includes underground medium-voltage power lines with a total length of 48,860 meters, new access roads totaling 6,323 meters, and technological platforms covering a total area of 68,591 square meters. 

The turbine foundations will occupy a total area of 14,012 square meters, and the transformation and storage stations will cover approximately nine hectares. The constructions are impressive, similar to those in the previous project, with a tower height of 125 meters, rotor diameter of 162 meters, and a maximum construction height of 206 meters.

According to Mihaela Budianu, the executive director of APM Vaslui, who signed the Environmental Agreement for the new wind farm, the permanent surface area occupied by this project is 240,107 square meters (24.01 hectares), spread across the territories of the Oşeşti, Rebricea, Ştefan cel Mare, Vultureşti communes, and the town of Negreşti, in Vaslui County. Access to the new wind farm will be from county road DJ 207, in the locality of Oşeşti.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM