Electrica launches tender for construction of 27 MW PV park

Alina Oprea
Sunwind Energy, the company bought by Electrica from Muntmark, is looking for a contractor for the "turnkey" construction of the 27 MW Satu Mare 2 photovoltaic park. This project is at the "ready-to-build" stage, with financing through PNRR. According to the tender documentation, the Satu Mare 2 project, located in the vicinity of Botiz commune, is in the "ready-to-build" stage, with network connection authorizations and building authorizations already obtained for the contract holder.

"Sunwind Energy SRL, a company from the Electrica Group, invites you to participate in the bidding procedure for the implementation of a photovoltaic project "Satu Mare 2", in a "turnkey" system (EPC), with a capacity of 27 MWp located in the vicinity of the commune of Botiz, Satu Mare county", the auction notice states.

The project has an estimated value of RON 110.1 million (€22.02 million), excluding VAT, and is financed by PNRR.

The selected developers will have to connect the plant to the grid via medium voltage underground cables at a 110 kV substation.

Sunwind Energy says it expects bidders to select the right PV panels to provide electricity for at least 30 years.

The deadline for submitting offers is January 31, 2024.

Electrica currently operates a 7.5 MW photovoltaic plant and plans to build another 12 MW.

Electrica completed the acquisition of the Sunwind Energy company last year, the contract with the sellers Emanuel Muntmark and Cătălin Mrejeru being signed two years ago, for €1.5 million. The purchased company was the vehicle through which the photovoltaic project was developed.

Electrica builds 27 MW PV park in Satu Mare

Electrica builds 27 MW PV park in Satu Mare

Sunwind Energy SRL, a subsidiary of the Electrica Group, and the Ministry of Energy have signed the non-refundable financing contract from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), for a photovoltaic park in the project phase.

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