Electrica builds 27 MW PV park in Satu Mare

Alina Oprea
Sunwind Energy SRL, a subsidiary of the Electrica Group, and the Ministry of Energy have signed the non-refundable financing contract from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), for a photovoltaic park in the project phase. The Satu-Mare 2 photovoltaic project, with an installed capacity of about 27 MWp, is in the "ready-to-build" phase and is located in the vicinity of Botiz commune, Satu Mare County. The photovoltaic park will be connected to the distribution network at a voltage level of 110 kV.

The next steps in this project are the organization of the competitive procedure for selecting the contractor/contractors and the start of the investment implementation phase.

Electrica completed the acquisition of the company Sunwind Energy, whose main activity is the production of energy from photovoltaic sources, in the spring.

The company is developing the photovoltaic project "Satu Mare 2", with an installed capacity of 27 MW.

Electrica bought the project from Emanuel Muntmark and Cătălin Mrejeru.

MET Group acquires PV project in Germany

MET Group acquires PV project in Germany

The energy company MET Group, based in Switzerland, is expanding its European portfolio and announcing its entry into the segment of energy production from renewable sources in Germany.

Orange Romania installes over 200 new solar panels

Orange Romania installes over 200 new solar panels

Orange Romania announced the installation of over 200 new solar panels on the roof of the communication interconnection center in Timișoara, in line with the Orange Group's commitment to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2040.

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