OMV Petrom Romania to test carbon capturing at Petrobrazi

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OMV Petrom, the largest integrated energy producer in Southeastern Europe, will test a new carbon capture and utilization technology at the Petrobrazi refinery, starting in June. This initiative forms a vital component of the ConsenCUS international project, which receives backing from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program.

Spanning four months, this endeavor marks a pivotal step in the journey towards sustainability and innovation. The trials are part of a broader demonstration campaign spanning Denmark, Romania, and Greece, all funded by European resources within the framework of ConsenCUS.

Radu Căprău, a distinguished OMV Petrom Executive Board member overseeing Refining and Marketing, expressed the company's commitment to driving decarbonization efforts in Romania. He outlined the dual objectives of reducing emissions from the Petrobrazi refinery and spearheading the development of low and zero-carbon products for consumers. The impending tests represent an exploration into pioneering technology, promising fresh avenues for carbon emission capture and transformation into high-value products within Romania.

The facility comprises three distinct units. Firstly, an innovative CO2 capture unit employs more efficient methods than conventional approaches. Subsequently, the second unit yields high-purity CO2, while the third unit facilitates the transformation of CO2 into potassium formate, a versatile chemical with diverse applications including synthetic fuel production.

Having already undergone successful trials at a cement plant in Denmark, the installation will journey from Romania to Greece, where it will be deployed at a magnesium production facility. ConsenCUS, initiated in 2021, is a testament to collaborative innovation, supported by a consortium of 19 esteemed research institutions and forward-thinking companies across Europe, China, and Canada. Led by pioneers in the field, this four-year project endeavors to showcase the viability of transformative technologies applicable to sectors grappling with the challenge of carbon emission reduction.


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