Mercedes-Benz to test solar-powered energy battery at Rastatt Factory

Green Forum
Mercedes-Benz has revealed its intention to initiate testing of an 11-megawatt-hour system at its Rastatt car factory in Germany, commencing in 2025. This initiative is designed to tackle the issues associated with the fluctuating output of renewable energy and its effects on manufacturing operations.

Entering a new partnership with the German cleantech company CMBlu Energy AG, its first Organic SolidFlow battery storage facility is scheduled for 2025 at its Rastatt (Germany) plant. The technology offers high potential in terms of scalability and sustainability.

Further expansion of solar power is likewise underway. To balance the volatility of renewable energy generation with electricity consumption, Mercedes-Benz is also expanding its energy storage facilities. The Rastatt factory, which already generates photovoltaic power on-site, will expand its capacity this summer to reduce CO2 emissions further.

The Mercedes-Benz production network is in execution mode to achieve its ambition to run all plants worldwide on 100 percent renewable energy by 2039. During 2023, CO2 emissions in production fell further – by a total of 72 percent compared to 2018. Regarding renewable energies, Mercedes-Benz Cars increased its share to 47 percent. The company is thus well on track to achieve its target CO₂ reduction of 80 percent and to increase its renewable energy share to 70 percent (Cars) or 80 percent (Vans) at its production sites by 2030. Ongoing initiatives include the on-shore wind farm in Papenburg (Germany) and the Windanker off-shore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM