Bucharest office building to add 260 photovoltaic panels

Alina Oprea
Dageco Expoziției Estate is among the first office buildings in Bucharest that will produce renewable energy and have charging stations for electric cars powered by solar energy. The total investment, in the 260 photovoltaic panels, the equipment complementary to the operation, and two charging stations for electric and hybrid cars, is RON 500,000 (€100.000), without VAT, the financing is provided through the Electric-Up program. The building has a charging station for electric and hybrid cars, and following the implementation of the Electric-Up project it will reach three stations.

The Dageco Expoziției Estate project has a total area of ​​25,000 sqm, with four mixed-use buildings and a 500-space parking lot, outside and underground. The main building accommodates modern offices with a total area of ​​11,000 sq m and commercial premises on the ground floor.

"The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) movement will radically change the office market in the next three to five years. Reducing electricity costs and creating mobility facilities are the first criteria that are taken into account, against the backdrop of the energy crisis and inflation. Office building owners and developers who realize this sooner will be the most competitive. It's an opportune time for existing building owners to differentiate themselves from the competition with green energy production facilities as new building deliveries are on the decline. The location will also play an important role, as tenants are interested in vibrant, green areas, with easy access and short distances between home and office, but also to relaxation, food, or leisure facilities. In this context, the Exhibition area stands out due to the fact that it has the largest park in Bucharest nearby and meets several development criteria, including a complementary metro line and residential complexes that will add more than 6,800 new apartments", declares Nicolae Ciobanu, Managing Partner- Head of Advisory at Fortim Trusted Advisors, member of the BNP Paribas Real Estate Alliance, the company that has the exclusive mandate for renting this project.

The green energy production system is composed of 260 photovoltaic panels, which will produce 100.1 kWp, and 5 inverters, which total 97.5 kW.

The chosen storage system consists of a battery bank that will have a storage capacity of approximately 11 kWh. The main purpose of the storage system is to benefit from the energy produced both during the day, when consumption exceeds production, but also during the night when the photovoltaic system does not produce electricity. The second benefit of the storage system is the provision of an energy reserve for vital consumers, in the event of a breakdown in the national energy system.

At the moment, the Dageco Expoziției Estate building has one charging station for electric and hybrid cars, and following the implementation of the Electric-Up project, it will reach three stations.

A kindergarten also operates within the Dageco Expoziției Estate complex.

The building has an intelligent air conditioning and lighting system. There is also a fitness room and a green terrace.

"The project financed by Electric-Up of the Dageco Expoziției Estate building is an example of sustainable and innovative development in the real estate sector in Bucharest. It offers not only economic but also social and environmental benefits through the use of green energy and by improving user comfort", declared Nicolae Ciobanu.

Among the occupants of the premises in the Dageco Expoziției Estate business park are Citroen and Suzuki dealerships, Cafe Le Mans.

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