Eldrive Romania installs 16 stations for charging electric cars in Bucharest

Alina Oprea
Eldrive Romania and Unirea Shopping Center have announced that they are installing 16 stations - up to 150 kW - for charging electric cars in the center of Bucharest. Here they can feed 24 cars simultaneously. Eldrive Romania is one of the country's main providers of charging services for electric cars. Eldrive Romania also installed 13 new charging stations for electric cars in the AFI Cotroceni mall.

"For Unirea Shopping Center, hosting a large number of charging stations for electric cars in its parking lot is an important step to increase the diversity of services offered to its customers. We aim to keep our store in step with the times, and now the time has come to provide charging for electric cars, together with our partners from Eldrive Romania. We will offer free parking for the first 2 hours, until December 31, 2023", said Mihai Corlea, Director of Leasing at Unirea Shopping Center.

All these stations are part of the Eldrive Romania network and can be used through the mobile application of the same name or the RFID card obtained from Eldrive Romania and associated with the customer/user account.

"Eldrive Romania is increasingly focusing on charging HUBs for electric cars. That's what we set out to do in 2023 and that's what we're doing. In partnership with Unirea Shopping Center, we put 16 stations into operation, which can simultaneously power 24 cars", said Camelia Popescu (Sin), Eldrive Country Manager in Romania.

In the AFI Cotroceni mall, 13 charging stations were put into use that can serve 20 cars simultaneously. The maximum charging power is 150 kW, and the minimum is 22 kW. These 13 EV stations are available in the multi-story car park of AFI Cotroceni.

"AFI Cotroceni is among the pioneers, in the sense that we have installed charging stations for electric cars since 2017, but now, through the partnership with Eldrive Romania, we host at AFI Cotroceni a charging HUB, with many fast and semi-fast stations, to it satisfies the charging needs of all types of customers", said Anca Buzatu, Marketing Manager of AFI Cotroceni.

Eldrive is a brand of the international company eMobility International AD, which operates in Romania through the company eMobility Charging SRL. Eldrive is also active in Bulgaria and Lithuania, and Latvia is included in the expansion plans. At the moment, over 1,000 charging points are active in the Eldrive network, of which over 250 are in Romania.

Green Forum  |  23 April, 2024 at 11:00 AM