Henkel to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 100 million metric tons by 2025

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Henkel announced that the company aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its business by 100 million metric tons between 2016 and 2025. 

According to its latest sustainability report, Henkel has already saved more than 89 million metric tons of carbon dioxide between 2016 and 2023, together with its customers, consumers, and suppliers. Also, currently, 89% of the electricity used comes from renewable sources. Henkel's commitment to protecting the environment and tackling social challenges is thus reflected both in the products and solutions it offers and in the efficient and climate-neutral use of resources across all its divisions. 

As for the Adhesive Technologies division, the company is continuously optimizing technologies to support resource conservation in its customers' applications. One example is facilitating access to new-generation, safer, and more sustainable EV batteries, which will be showcased at Battery Show Europe 2024, Europe's leading exhibition for the electric vehicle battery industry, taking place from 18-20 June. Innovations include adhesives that enable battery circularity, making it easier to repair, reuse, and recycle batteries.

In addition, as a provider of sustainable solutions for the packaging industry, the Adhesive Technologies division recently showcased its innovative new solutions at Drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf. From flexible packaging to paper packaging, tapes, and special labels, Henkel offers a comprehensive portfolio of adhesives and surface technologies designed to meet the demands of the packaging and printing industry. Also, the new range of adhesives and surface solutions, Henkel RE, improves the recyclability of packaging, making it possible to use reused contents in new product packaging.

For the Consumer Brands division, eliminating, reducing, and, where possible, recovering and recycling packaging materials is the best way to minimize waste and its impact on the environment. Henkel's goal in this direction is to reduce the amount of packaging material without compromising product quality, performance, or safety. Consumers can already see this, both globally and in Romania, in Henkel Consumer Brands detergents and personal care products. As a result, many of the division's products have undergone transformation processes to become more sustainable.

Cosmetics and personal care products:

-Brand got2b: gel - container contains 50% recycled plastic; dry shampoo - can contains 50% recycled aluminum; volume styling powder - bottle contains 50% recycled plastic.

-Nature Box brand: bottle - 100% Social Plastic, all-vegan formula, natural ingredients including cold pressed oils.

-Brand GLISS: 89% naturally sourced ingredients, bottle - 30% recycled PE.

-Schauma brand: glass is 98%-100% recycled PET plastic, lid contains 25% recycled plastic.


-Persil brand: certified carbon neutral products (recycled packaging, zero waste), effective at a 30-degree wash for energy savings.

-Perwoll brand: 75% recycled plastic glass.

-Somat brand: dishwasher detergent, effective in eco cycle and short cycle at low temperatures to reduce water and energy consumption.

More details on Henkel's efforts in the circular economy can be found by visiting Henkel Sustainability Report 2023.

Henkel Romania is also running a series of volunteering and social engagement activities in 2024

In 2024, Henkel Romania continues the series of actions aimed at sustainable development and volunteering, strengthening the tradition of previous years. Thus, in March and April, the company organized various environmental awareness and education actions for employees and their families, initiated by Henkel Romania's Sustainability Council. These initiatives will run throughout the year.

Activities and partnerships that took place in March and April 2024:

-International Recycling Day in Buzău on March 18: 24 Henkel employee-volunteers visited the Greentech (PET packaging recycler) and Greenweee (electrical and electronics recycler) plants and studied the complexity of the recycling process. The action was carried out in collaboration with Green Resources Management, part of the European recycling group GreenGroup, Henkel's partner for meeting packaging recycling targets*. 

-On April 5, in anticipation of Earth Day (April 22), Henkel continued its partnership with the NGO Viitor Plus, planting 1,500 saplings in the locality of Gheorghiței, in Prahova county, with the help of 83 volunteers from Henkel Romania employees and students from local schools. The company will cover the costs of purchasing and caring for the seedlings for the next five years.

-On April 21, Henkel Romania participated with the NGO Habitat for Humanity Romania in the Bucharest International Half Marathon, a 10 km race. Thus, for the second consecutive year, 24 Henkel volunteers were part of the Runners for Humanity team, together with more than 200 people. Henkel's contribution to this humanitarian cause involved both financial support, amounting to 5,000 euros, and the active participation of the company's volunteers - employees and their families.

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