Greenpeace accuses IKEA of destroying Romanian forests for furniture

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The environmental organization Greenpeace has accused the Swedish retailer IKEA of being involved in the destruction of ancient forests in Romania for furniture production, allegations that IKEA said it is taking seriously and analyzing.  

A recent report reveals that furniture manufacturers supplying IKEA are sourcing wood from some of Europe's last remaining old-growth forests in the Romanian Carpathians, including protected areas under Natura 2000. Greenpeace's investigation highlights the involvement of seven manufacturers, producing popular IKEA items such as INGOLF chairs and SNIGLAR baby cribs, in the destruction of these high-conservation value forests. Products from these suppliers were found in IKEA stores across 13 countries. Greenpeace urges IKEA to address its role in contributing to climate and biodiversity crises.

Robert Cyglicki, Biodiversity Campaign Director at Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe, emphasizes the urgent need to protect old forests and calls on IKEA to uphold its sustainability promises by cleaning up its supply chain.

The report "Assemble the Truth: Old-Growth Forest Destruction in the Romanian Carpathians," authored by Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe, traces the supply chain from logging sites to furniture manufacturers and ultimately to IKEA stores. It identifies several manufacturers sourcing wood from high conservation value forests, with IKEA being their major customer, particularly in the case of Plimob, a manufacturer that predominantly supplies IKEA.

While Greenpeace offered IKEA the opportunity to respond to the findings, IKEA did not dispute the information provided. Some manufacturers acknowledged receiving timber from Natura 2000 areas, claiming it is not illegal, while others did not respond.

Greenpeace acknowledges the value of using wood for furniture production but stresses that it should not come at the expense of biologically diverse forests. The Carpathians are home to various wildlife species and are crucial for biodiversity conservation. However, only a small fraction of these forests are currently protected against logging.

Greenpeace urges IKEA to lead corporate efforts for effective biodiversity protection measures, in line with Europe's biodiversity targets.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM