Leroy Merlin: Romanians' appetite for green energy is growing

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Romanians' interest in green energy solutions, such as installing solar panels, is on the rise in early 2024 compared to the beginning of 2023, according to Leroy Merlin Romania, a retailer specializing in construction, decoration, and gardening.

Among the most sought-after models of solar panels in the Leroy Merlin network are the unpressurized ones, for domestic hot water production. These alternative energy generators are a valid and sustainable option to balance overall electricity consumption, with reduced maintenance, installation, and assembly costs depending on the complexity of the project. Here's what those planning to install a solar panel for domestic hot water production need to pay attention to:

A good understanding of the product

Thermal solar panels for domestic hot water production comprise three typologies: pressurized, unpressurized, and collector panels, connected to a boiler.

The pressurized solar panel will operate throughout the year and will not require draining the system in winter. As for the unpressurized solar panel, it operates only during periods with positive temperatures and requires draining the system in winter. An example of an unpressurized solar panel from Leroy Merlin's offer is the Reecomer model, with 12 evacuated tubes and a capacity of 120 liters, priced at 998.00 lei (including 9% VAT).

In the case of the collector solar panel, connected to a boiler inside the dwelling, it operates throughout the year and provides added comfort in use due to automation, which allows it to operate without intervention. Additionally, it can be integrated into existing hot water systems in the home, whether they are electric boilers, central heating systems, or heat pumps.

How solar panels are installed and where they are placed

Typically, customers planning to purchase a solar panel prioritize installation and placement in sunlight. However, according to Leroy Merlin specialists, beyond exposure to solar radiation, other basic criteria need to be observed. Among these are orientation and inclination: solar panels require both sunlight, in which case they should be oriented towards the south and adjacent areas, and a suitable inclination that allows for the absorption of solar radiation. In some situations, the roof slope may be deficient, in which case it is necessary to mount the panels at a slightly different angle than that of the roof.

Another aspect to consider during installation is the degree of shading: solar panels need optimal exposure to sunlight, so it is important to place them in areas without strong shade.

At the same time, unpressurized solar panels require an automatic regulating pump to ensure water pressure at the tap.

Legal provisions to consider when purchasing and installing

In addition to the details related to the installation and mounting of solar panels, customers need to be aware of the legal aspects associated with this process, Leroy Merlin specialists point out.

Therefore, it is important to know that the installation of solar panels can only be done by experts in the field and authorized installation companies. Because solar panels involve pressurized elements and other details related to operating under pressure, it is important to cover all safety measures.

Another aspect concerns the calculation of the differentiated VAT for products such as solar panels. Those considering purchasing a solar panel from the Leroy Merlin network, to benefit from the 9% VAT rate, according to the law, can only buy products from Leroy Merlin physical stores, and it is necessary to contact the Customer Services office in stores before purchasing.

Additionally, to benefit from the differentiated VAT, both individuals and legal entities will need to complete a self-declaration form, according to the law.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM