Transelectrica signs €56 million contract for PV investments and data centre

Green Forum
Following up on the information spread through the current report sent through the capital market institutions on December 11, 2023, the National Power Transmission Co. Transelectrica signed with the General Secretariat of the Government, as reform and/or investment coordinator for the national recovery and resilience plan (PNRR), the financing contract for the implementation of the investment.

This agreement pertains to the implementation of the investment project titled "Efficiency, Modernization, and Digitization of the National Power Transmission Network," funded by the REPowerEU component of PNRR, amounting to 56.2 million euros.

The financing contract encompasses three pivotal investment projects aimed at enhancing the efficiency and modernization of the national power transmission network, with two of these projects designated for the subsidiaries SMART SA and Teletrans SA.

The investment initiative primarily involves the installation of photovoltaic plants and storage facilities across 29 electrical energy stations, refurbishing the SMART SA subsidiary, optimizing the communications network overseen by the Teletrans subsidiary, and establishing a data center.

It's worth reiterating that the execution of these projects will significantly contribute to fortifying Romania's Electrical Energy Transmission Network. The objective of the REPowerEU-funded investment is to bolster flexibility and alleviate congestion within the electricity network, facilitating the expedited integration of additional renewable energy capacity and enhancing grid resilience. Furthermore, the investment aims to bolster cybersecurity measures by enhancing the network's capacity to respond to cyber threats effectively.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM