EU approves €64 million Transelectrica power line upgrade

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The European Commission has approved a significant investment project by the National Power Transmission Company, Transelectrica. The project, called "Pilot Project DigiTEL Power Lines of the Future," will convert the 400 kV overhead electric line (OHL) between Isaccea and Tulcea West from a single circuit to a double circuit. It will receive non-reimbursable funding of €64,068,257.62 from the Modernization Fund. 

This approval was announced on the Modernization Fund's website on 25.06.2024.

The project involves constructing a 400 kV double-circuit overhead electric line to replace the existing single-circuit line. Additionally, it will include installing two 400 kV cells in both the Isaccea and Tulcea West stations and using innovative tubular pillars.

The main goal is to increase the capacity to integrate new renewable energy sources from the Dobrogea area, which has the highest potential for renewable energy in the country. Currently, technical limitations of the existing power lines make it difficult to add new energy sources. By upgrading and doubling the transmission capacity between Isaccea and Tulcea West, the ability to transfer energy to nearby areas will also improve.

Converting the 400 kV line from a single circuit to a double circuit will prevent overloads and increase the capacity to connect renewable energy plants in Dobrogea to the National Power System.

This project is part of the Power Transmission Network Development Plan for 2022 – 2031, aimed at integrating renewable energy sources and new plants and strengthening the transmission capacity in Dobrogea and beyond.

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