Everready to deliver seven PV parks in Romania in 2024

Green Forum
Under the Everready brand, real estate investor and developer Asset Management Corporation (AmCorp) will deliver seven photovoltaic parks with a combined capacity of over 200 MW, in 2024.

They are located in the Muntenia area, at a maximum distance of 80 kilometres from the Bucharest, with the related land totalling around 250 hectares and an estimated value of around €20 million.

"One of the biggest advantages we have to offer companies interested in investing in renewable energy projects is our extensive experience in this field. The Everready brand was launched on the local market almost 13 years ago, during which time we have provided consulting, project and property management services at the highest standards," says Massimo Perrotti, COO of AmCorp.

All projects will be available for sale and will be delivered in a ready-to-build stage, with all the necessary documents to start the development: feasibility study, environmental impact study, construction permit, technical approval for connection, authorisation for grid connection, etc. Interested investors can purchase the projects as such or enter into a partnership with AmCorp representatives, asking them to take care of the whole development process until delivery.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM