DS Smith reached plastic reduction target earlier

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DS Smith, a leader in sustainable packaging solutions, has achieved a major environmental milestone by replacing over 1.2 billion pieces of plastic with eco-friendly alternatives.

This company reached the original goal, set for 2025, 16 months earlier.

This initiative is part of DS Smith's Now & Next Sustainability Strategy, which aims to redefine packaging for a more sustainable future. By collaborating with major brands, they've successfully reduced plastic use in various packaging types, including primary and secondary components.

The replaced plastics include everyday items like fruit and vegetable containers and plastic shopping bag carriers. They've also developed innovative industrial, automotive, and electronics packaging alternatives.

Romania played a key role, replacing over 19 million plastic pieces with fiber-based options. Eastern Europe as a whole has shown a remarkable increase in plastic reduction, nearly doubling their efforts since the program began.

DS Smith attributes this success to the Circular Design Principles developed with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. These principles guide their 800 designers in creating packaging that minimizes waste and maximizes recyclability. They also utilize Circular Design Metrics, an industry-first tool, to assess factors like recycled content, carbon footprint, and supply chain efficiency.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM