Bucharest City Hall to install 50 charging stations for electric cars

Alina Oprea
The City Hall of the Capital is to install 50 recharging stations for electric vehicles, with two recharging points each, on 11 sites in the City of Bucharest. The General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest approved the draft decision regarding the Feasibility Study and the technical-economic indicators for the investment objective "Recharging stations for electric vehicles in the Municipality of Bucharest". The total value of the investment is estimated at RON 17.9 million (€3.58 million), including VAT, and the completion period is 15 months, of which two months for design and 13 months for execution.

These stations are added to the 40 for which Bucharest City Hall is in the process of obtaining location permits.

The mayor of the capital, Nicusor Dan, says that the necessary charging stations are not covered in the capital, which is why the Ministry of the Environment has initiated a program, carried out by the AFM, which stimulates local authorities to initiate such projects. According to the feasibility study, approved by the CGMB, there are 286 recharging stations in Bucharest, but many arteries or areas in the Capital do not have coverage or have poor coverage in terms of the presence of charging stations.

In Sector 1, 6 stations will be located at Băneasa Station, one in the Piața Victoriei parking area, 6 at Expoziții, and another 6 at Nicolae Caranfil.

In Sector 2, there will be 6 sites each on Chiristigiilor Street, Bucur Obor, Pantelimon.

In Sector 4 there will be a station on Calea Văcărești.

In Sector 5, 5 stations will be located on Unirii Boulevard, 3 at the Marriott Hotel.

Another 4 stations will be for sectors 4 and 5 - on Bd. Libertății - Splaiul Independenţei - Piața Națiunile Unite.

Allview enters theelectric car market

Allview enters theelectric car market

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Market share of electric cars exceeds 20% in Europe

Market share of electric cars exceeds 20% in Europe

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