Eldrive Romania and Cosmopolis put EV charging stations into use

Alina Oprea
Eldrive Romania and Cosmopolis have put into use 11 charging stations for the residents and visitors of the residential complex, where 14 electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously. All these stations serve the users of electric cars in the area but also encourage them to switch to electromobility for those who, until now, considered that the nearby charging points were insufficient. Cosmopolis is the largest residential project in Romania built after 1989, through an investment of €430 million.

Of the total of 11 charging stations for electric cars, 3 are of high power: 150 kW, DC. They can charge one electric car with 150 kW or split the authority into two, 75 kW by 75 kW if they are feeding two cars simultaneously at the same station.

Another 4 charging stations are 25 kW power, all direct current (DC), which can supply one car at a time. And 4 stations deliver 22 kW of power, alternating current (AC), which can also power one car at a time.

"We continue Eldrive Romania's strategy of being everywhere, as accessible as possible, for electric car users. The partnership with Cosmopolis honors us and brings us closer to our customers. Through this partnership we aim to respond to the growing demands of residential neighborhoods", said Camelia Popescu (Sin), Eldrive Country Manager in Romania.

The location of the Eldrive Romania charging stations in the Cosmopolis Plaza mall is divided into two charging HUBs, one in the Food Court Area and the other in the Retail Park area.

"We welcome our collaboration with Eldrive Romania, especially because it is part of our long-term sustainable development strategy. We are dedicated to the gradual transformation towards a more sustainable future, and the partnership with Eldrive Romania is a concrete expression of this commitment. The installation of solar panels on the roofs of the mall is just one of the steps we are taking in this direction," said Ozan Tuncer, CEO of Cosmopolis.

The Eldrive stations in Cosmopolis can be activated through the Eldrive Romania mobile application, through the RFID card requested at Eldrive Romania, and through the Autocharge function, available for all DC stations with a CCS connector (not for AC stations with a Type 2 connector).

With almost 15,000 inhabitants, the Cosmopolis community is comparable to the population of the towns of Râșnov or Vatra Dornei and includes a more significant number of residents than the towns of Otopeni, Sinaia, or Gura Humorului. Cosmopolis' expansion plans continue for years to come. By 2035, the developer estimates a total of over 12,000 homes and a community of over 35,000 people.

From the summer of 2023, Cosmopolis, through a partnership with Eldrive Romania, also provides charging for electric cars, through a significant number of stations adapted for any type of vehicle.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM