Paroşeni thermal power plant to use biofuel instead of coal

Alina Oprea
The Ministry of Energy and American Bio-Carbon Delaware LLC have signed a memorandum for the transformation of the Paroşeni Thermal Power Plant into a modern facility, which uses biofuel instead of coal. According to the Ministry of Energy, the Romanian-American strategic partnership in the field of mining and renewable energy in the Jiului Valley region is thus strengthened. Through this strategic collaboration, Romania aligns itself with the European objectives of decarbonization and sustainability.

"This initiative represents an important step in the implementation of the economic, social, and environmental development strategy of the Jiu Valley for the period 2022-2030, approved by Decision no. 901/2022. The memorandum signed by the Ministry of Energy, Societatea Complexul Energetic 'Valea Jiului' SA, and American Bio-Carbon Delaware LLC aims to transform the Paroşeni thermoelectric plant, located in Valea Jiului, by using the biofuel produced by American Bio-Carbon from sustainable Romanian biomass, thus replacing traditional coal", informs the Ministry of Energy.

The initiative will contribute substantially to the reduction of CO2 emissions, aligning Romania with the objectives of sustainability and decarbonization at the European level.

"Through this strategic collaboration, we not only align ourselves with the European goals of decarbonization and sustainability, but we manage to offer new economic and social perspectives for the Jiului Valley. We are proud to work with our American partners to transform a historical sector into an innovative and ecological one", said Sebastian-Ioan Burduja, Minister of Energy.


Nuclearelectrica to invest in renewable energy

Nuclearelectrica to invest in renewable energy

Nuclearelectrica has signed a Letter of Intent with the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund to explore the possibility of collaboration in the renewable energy production sector in Romania, in order to achieve common strategic objectives.

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