EU commits €3.5 billion for ocean protection and sustainability

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The European Union will spend €3.5 billion to protect the oceans and promote sustainability through a series of initiatives to be implemented this year.

Launched in 2014, the Our Ocean Conference is a global initiative hosted annually by different governments, aiming to promote worldwide ocean governance and action for marine conservation and sustainable development. This year's conference calls for unified global efforts to ensure a safe, secure, clean, healthy, and sustainably managed ocean. The EU pledges commitments across all conference themes, including sustainable fisheries, marine protected areas, ocean and climate change, sustainable blue economies, marine pollution, maritime security, and more.

Highlights of EU commitments include:

  • Investing up to €1.9 billion from the Recovery and Resilience Facility to support sustainable fisheries in recovery plans across several EU countries.
  • Allocating €23.5 million to support fisheries management organizations and international agreements in various oceans.
  • Providing €1.5 million to enforce the Port State Measures Agreement against illegal fishing.
  • Committing €1.36 million to implement the Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Agreement.
  • Allocating €24 million to protect marine biodiversity in specific regions.
  • Investing €103 million in ocean observation and research for climate predictions.
  • Allocating €130 million from the Recovery and Resilience Facility for sustainable blue economy investments in Italy and Portugal.
  • Committing €134 million to support sustainable blue economy development in African countries.
    Allocating up to €980 million to combat marine pollution in several EU countries.
    Investing €45 million to enhance maritime security in African regions.
  • Pledging €7.5 million with Sweden for the Blue Mediterranean Partnership and €2 million for Mediterranean conservation projects.
  • Committing €92.3 million to ocean restoration and a sustainable blue economy through the EU Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters.

These commitments demonstrate the EU's proactive stance in safeguarding ocean health and promoting sustainable ocean management globally.

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