RetuRO offers merchants an app for DRS packaging management

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RetuRO, the administrator of the Deposit-Return System, has made the RetuRO application available to merchants to streamline the manual collection of packaging returned by consumers.

The application has been available since the end of March for devices running both Android and iOS operating systems.

"The application can be accessed free of charge by merchants who have completed the registration process in the system, signed the contract with RetuRO, completed the registration of collection points, and opted for manual collection of SGR packaging," the statement said.

With the RetuRO application, merchants can scan the barcode of the packaging when returned by customers to quickly verify that they comply with SGR specifications, meaning they have the "Warranty Packaging" logo and the specific SGR barcode printed on the label.

Through the "register a pick-up order" feature available in the application, merchants can request RetuRO pick up the collected packaging from the return point they manage, reducing time and optimizing the space required for storing collected packaging bags.

The order is validated for at least three bags and will be confirmed with a confirmation message. Before downloading the RetuRO application, some settings that merchants need to make from their account on the SGR platform. Complete information about the steps to follow and guidance on installation, authentication, and use of the RetuRO application are available in the Application Guide.

Global renewables capacity grew by 10% last year

Global renewables capacity grew by 10% last year

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