Romania reaches 20% collection rate for GRS packaging

Green Forum
Julia Leferman, the general manager of the Romanian Brewers Association, disclosed that the collection rate via the Guarantee-Return System (GRS) has surged dramatically this year due to excellent traceability. Currently standing at 20%, this growth is notable, although the target for the year is set at 65%.

"In January, our collection rate was a mere 1.2%, which catapulted to 7.3% in February, and now in March, we're at 17%. That's nearly a 500% increase in collection progression. Our success can be attributed to robust traceability within the system, which accurately tallies the units according to manufacturers' reports," explained Julia Leferman.

She underscored the challenges inherent in the collection process, noting the delay as products traverse various stages from manufacturer to consumer return. Despite this, the exponential growth in collection is a testament to the effectiveness of the system.

Leferman also highlighted that nearly 90% of the packaging collected by RetuRO, a key player in the GRS, originates from the Bucharest area. Operational centers strategically located in Bonţida, Timişoara, and Ştefăneşti, with Bucharest being the primary hub, ensure efficient collection. Additionally, Leferman assured that RetuRO's infrastructure is continually expanding to meet market demands, with a new center slated to open shortly.



Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM