Brasov City Hall tests first benches with photovoltaic panels

Green Forum
Brasov City Hall installed the first benches with photovoltaic panels, a contactless phone charging system, wireless internet, temperature, and pollution sensors. 

The municipality has set out to test the efficiency of smart benches with photovoltaic panels mounted instead of seats, USB and contactless chargers for phones, wireless internet, temperature and pollution sensors, and smart lighting.

"Brasov is the city in Romania with the most accelerated transition to a green city, with major investments such as electric public transport, bike lanes, and green solutions for energy production for public consumption. Today we are also introducing a street furniture solution that produces energy through photovoltaic panels. It consists of 6 smart banks, which produce electricity through photovoltaic panels mounted on them, and the energy produced can be used for charging mobile devices - contactless or with USB, for lighting and the operation of air quality measurement sensors. We hope it will be a successful project so that we can extend it to other trafficked areas of the city," said Mayor Allen Coliban.

All six smart benches will be located in the historic downtown area. Three have already been placed in the area of the Dramatic Theatre, on the promenade on Eroilor Boulevard (next to the post office), and at Brașov City Hall. The other 3 will be located in Council Square, St. John Square, and Titulescu Park.


The benches are equipped with photovoltaic panels, 2 USB charging slots, inductive charger, smart lighting, WiFi internet connection, PM 2.5 air quality sensor and can transmit pre-recorded audio messages. They also have a map location system, which allows tourists to find their way around.


The value of each bench installed on the site is €7000 excluding VAT.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM