Green Genius to build 500 MW of renewable systems

Alina Oprea
Green Genius, a renewable energy company operating in eight European markets, wants to build 500 MW of renewable energy systems in the coming years in Romania. The investment is carried out with Mundus Bridge Finance, the private debt fund INVL, the leading life insurance group, and the leading asset management company in the Baltic States. The parties concluded a financing agreement of €9.5 million.

"For us, Romania is a market that can play a significant role in the entire European ecological transition. We are therefore focused on developing and building 500 MW of renewable energy systems here in the coming years," said Simonas Sileikis, Head of Solar Business, at Green Genius.

Green Genius entered the Romanian market in 2020, opening an office in Bucharest. The company is involved in the development of "green field" wind and photovoltaic projects in Romania and sometimes considers the acquisition of projects in the early stages of development.

The geographical location of Romania is particularly favorable for solar energy due to the large number of sunny days. In addition, the legislative environment in the country has improved considerably, which has attracted the attention of foreign investors, the company says.

"Our team has extensive experience in assessing the risks of such projects, as the financing of renewable energy projects is part of the fund's portfolio", reports Viktorija Vaitkeviciene, director of Mundus, the asset management company that manages the private debt fund Mundus Bridge Finance.

Green Genius is a renewable energy company that develops, builds, and operates a range of solar, wind, biogas, and hydrogen projects. The company currently owns a substantial portfolio of over 2 GW of assets in various stages of development across 8 European countries.

Green Genius has accumulated over 15 years of experience. Annually, the company generates approximately 315 GWh of green energy, saving more than 210,000 tons of CO2. This is roughly the amount that 10 million trees absorb in a year. Green Genius is part of the international group of companies Modus Group, present in 11 European markets.

Orange Romania installes over 200 new solar panels

Orange Romania installes over 200 new solar panels

Orange Romania announced the installation of over 200 new solar panels on the roof of the communication interconnection center in Timișoara, in line with the Orange Group's commitment to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2040.

Romania to have green power plants of 735 MW

Romania to have "green" power plants of 735 MW

Romania will have access to more clean energy in the coming years and by the end of next year, capacities of 735 MW of installed power could be put into operation, says the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja.

Brick store in Constanta invests €200,000 in PV panels

Brick store in Constanta invests €200,000 in PV panels

DIY company Brick Romania started a project last year to implement green energy solutions for its work units. The Brick store in Constanța benefited from an investment of RON1 million (€200,000) in photovoltaic panels, which provide approximately 35% of the energy requirement.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM