Romania allocates €400 million for Photovoltaic Green House Program

Alina Oprea
The Romanian Government approved in the meeting, at the proposal of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, the income and expenditure budget for the year 2023 of the Environment Fund Administration (AFM). Thus, the AFM programs will have a budget of over RON13.3 billion (€2,66 billion) this year, an amount that will be used both for the financing of commitments resulting from previous sessions, as well as for the continuation of known programs and for the financing of new programs. Regarding the elimination of pollution from road traffic, the authorities have a budget of over RON1.5 billion (€300 million) for the three Rabla programs, through which they aim to eliminate over 200,000 old cars this year.

"This year, we are paying special attention to the area of ​​energy efficiency, the Photovoltaic Green House Program having a budget of RON2 billion, double that of the previous session, and we are addressing a number at least double that of last year. In the next period we will finalize the financing guide for this program so that natural and legal persons interested in signing up and benefiting from the funds allocated to install photovoltaic panels can do so in the shortest possible time", said Barna Tánczos, the minister Environment, waters, and forests.

As for the Rabla Classic program, this year's budget is RON560 million (€112 million). Also, individuals and legal entities interested in purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle this year have RON780 million (€156 million) at their disposal, through the Rabla Plus program.

Another program complementary to the Rabla Classic and Rabla Plus Programs is the Program regarding the scrapping of used vehicles (Rabla Local), which aims to remove from circulation used cars with a high degree of pollution. Within this program, the amount provided for the removal from circulation of a vehicle older than 15 years is RON3,000 (€600). Rabla Local will have a budget of RON240 million (€48 million), will be implemented with the help of administrative-territorial units, and will allow the scrapping of approximately 100,000 used vehicles. At the same time, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), Romania has committed to eliminating approximately 250,000 cars over 15 years old by 2026.

This year, the Electric Minibuses Program will be launched for the first time, through which new electric minibusses, new hybrid minibusses, and new CNG-powered minibusses will be purchased for student transport. The budget allocated to this program is RON300 million (€60 million).

The cycle track construction program will continue in 2023 with a budget of RON50 million (€10 million)

The program on increasing energy efficiency in public buildings, through which public buildings can be modernized, especially educational units, nurseries, kindergartens, secondary schools, and high schools, will have a budget of approximately RON451 million (€90.2 million) this year.

This year, the Rabla Program for Home Appliances, through which used electrical and electronic equipment can be replaced with more efficient ones from an energy point of view, will have a budget of RON75 million (€15 million).

Another program financed by AFM this year is the Program on education and public awareness on environmental protection, with a budget of RON265 million (€53 million).

At the same time, in 2023, the sum of RON1.5 billion (€300 million) will be provided for the launch of a financing session through which financial support will be granted to territorial administrative units in order to make investments aimed at financing sorting and mechano-biological treatment stations.

Also, the Program aimed at the protection of water resources, integrated water supply systems, treatment stations, sewage, and purification stations will have a budget of RON1 billion (€200 million).

In 2023, a budget of RON500 million (€100 million) will be provided to launch a financing session and conclude contracts intended to grant financial support to UATs or other public bodies, including structures subordinate to them, for the restoration of historically contaminated sites located in property or made available to them by the owner - through a legal act - in order to implement the project.

For the Program regarding the protection of wild fauna species, by installing equipment and/or devices such as electric fences or other means permitted by law intended to repel or prevent animals from entering crops or settlements, a budget of RON70 million (€14 million) is allocated in 2023.

Other programs financed this year by the AFM are: the Program regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the development of green spaces, the "Green Festival" Program (Single-Use Plastics), the "Green Friday" Program, the First Connection Program (PNRR), Recycling Factories Program (PNRR).

Ministry of the Environment to launch a program to buy electric minibuses

Ministry of the Environment to launch a program to buy electric minibuses

The Minister of the Environment, Tanczos Barna, says that every day he travels with an electric car in Bucharest. He says that he supports the purchase of electric cars through the Rabla Plus Program, run by the Environment Fund Administration (AFM), and this year the authorities are considering a program that supports the purchase of electric minibusses.

23% of Romanias surface is occupied by protected natural areas

23% of Romania's surface is occupied by protected natural areas

23% of Romania's surface is occupied by protected natural areas that are part of the Natura 2000 network, says the Minister of the Environment, Waters and Forests, Barna Tanczos. He considered that, from the point of view of natural capital, Romania is one of the members states with a rich biological diversity in terms of species and natural habitats and ecosystems.

In Romania, 10,000 photovoltaic systems can be installed every month

In Romania, 10,000 photovoltaic systems can be installed every month

At least 10,000 photovoltaic systems could be installed every month in Romania, says the Minister of Environment, Water and Forests, Tanczos Barna. In Romania, 3 million houses are registered. According to the minister, the issue of smart meters is a challenge, because it happened that inappropriate meters were ordered.

Romania borrows €60 million to reduce pollution in rural areas

Romania borrows €60 million to reduce pollution in rural areas

The Minister of Finance, Adrian Câciu, signed a loan agreement with the World Bank to finance the project to prevent and reduce pollution in rural areas in Romania. The amount of the loan is €60 million, with repayment in a single instalment, the repayment date being April 15, 2035. The Ministry of the Environment specifies that it supports any initiative that contributes to reducing pollution and protecting the environment.

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