DS Smith and Carlsberg Poland to reduce CO2

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DS Smith, a leading provider of sustainable fiber-based packaging solutions, has collaborated with Carlsberg in Poland to introduce DS Smith Round Wrap in selected product lines.

DS Smith Round Wrap is an innovative multi-pack packaging solution that rounds the corners and is designed to reduce CO2 emissions compared to standard corrugated cardboard multi-packs. This packaging solution is fully recyclable, and the curved corners help reduce the use of plastic film on pallets.
According to estimates, by using Round Wrap, Carlsberg will save up to 224 tons of CO2 annually in Poland.

This simple yet innovative shape helps protect the corners of the packaging and keeps products intact during transport.

The benefits do not stop there: the rounded shape of DS Smith Round Wrap packaging offers significant advantages for Carlsberg Poland in terms of branding and design, providing more opportunities to position brand identity and graphics on the rounded corners of the packaging as well as on the entire 360-degree lateral surface of the packs.

From a retail perspective, a survey conducted by research firm Toluna in December 2023 highlighted consumer preference for Round Wrap packaging, with 77% of respondents stating they are more likely to "purchase an improved Wrap Around design compared to other solutions."

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