Vantage Towers to implement sustainable projects on Romanian market

Alina Oprea
Vantage Towers, a leading European infrastructure operator, is currently exploring the possibility of implementing in Romania some of its sustainable initiatives, based on green energy, that are tested in the present in some other European markets. Since 2021, the company already uses 100% electricity from renewable energy sources to operate its infrastructure. Vantage Towers' overall strategy aims to promote sustainable digitization in Europe by reducing carbon emissions across its network using clean energy solutions.

Already 100% of the grid electricity that Vantage Towers uses to operate its infrastructure is obtained from renewable energy sources, green energy generation is piloted directly on-site with the help of solar panels and micro wind turbines. Also, hydrogen solutions are under testing. This fits well into the overall strategy of the company to drive sustainable digitalization in Europe and to support partners through technological innovation in decarbonization and achieving their climate goals.

„Vantage Towers aims to accelerate Europe's journey towards ultra-fast, sustainable connectivity toward infrastructure, and technologies that are set to play a key role. We are looking forward to replicating our best practices and successful projects which are currently carried out in a pilot phase in other European countries, like Germany, Greece, or the Czech Republic. Romania has been investing in expanding broadband coverage and increasing network capacity so will be a possibility for us to bring to the market our innovative and sustainable solutions based on green energy”, stated Ionel Crăciun, Business Development Manager at Vantage Towers România.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Vantage Towers has launched several pilot projects around Europe that use green energy:

  • Germany – Vantage Towers joined forces with the Berlin-based wind energy startup MOWEA which will result in installing around 752 micro wind turbines on 52 structures across Germany. The turbines are capable of reducing grid power consumption and electrical running costs at each of the Vantage Towers sites by up to two-thirds or more.
  • Greece – Vantage Towers started a pilot project to replace diesel generators with fuel cells in non-permanent installations that are not connected to the electricity grid, so it becomes possible to supply them with electricity that is even more environmentally friendly. The company is testing the applicability of bioethanol fuel cell systems as backup and primary energy sources for its sites.
  • Czech Republic - Vantage Towers implemented solar power for a tenth of its sites in the Czech Republic. Approximately 400 sites will be equipped with a solar power generation solution with the ability to store excess power generated in battery backups.

With a sustainable business model, one investment, one contract, but several beneficiaries, Vantage is the first player in the Romanian market to build infrastructure sharing. Taking into account that in Romania there are areas where even 4 metal structures were built next to each other, Vantage Towers has the ability to change and improve the entire infrastructure system.

Romania's digital transformation is accelerating, driven by both the growing number of smartphone subscriptions and an increasing average data volume per subscription, fueled by more video content and greater 5G penetration, traffic mobile data continues to grow steadily.

„Telecom infrastructure forms the backbone of the digital transformation in Romania. It enables connectivity, supports high-speed internet access, facilitates mobile communication, powers IoT and smart solutions, enables digital services and technologies, and helps bridge the digital divide. The development and enhancement of telecom infrastructure are essential for Romania's progress in the digital era. At the same time, the telecom industry has a direct impact on the economy and contributes to the development of essential sectors”, added Ionel Crăciun, Business Development Manager at Vantage Towers România.

Vantage Towers has over 2,300 connectivity points in Romania and it offers high-tech solutions. The company's portfolio is slightly weighted towards ground-based tower (GBT) sites, mainly located in rural areas with low population density. A significant proportion of the company portfolio is comprised of rooftop tower (RTT) sites, better suited to more built-up urban areas such as Bucharest.

Vantage Towers is a leading tower company in Europe with more than 84,000 sites in ten countries, connecting people, businesses, and devices in cities and rural areas. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Düsseldorf. Vantage Towers' portfolio includes towers, masts, rooftop sites, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and small cells.

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