Misavan launches PV plant and Ecolabel range of products

Alina Oprea
Misavan, a Romanian company specializing in the market of professional cleaning products, put into use a photovoltaic panel plant. The annual production capacity is estimated at 250 MWh, a value that exceeds its own consumption. Also, the Misavan company launches the Ecolabel product range, ticking off the eco-friendly component but also the orientation towards innovation and sustainability.

"Our sustainability campaign has developed gradually, and in the next period, the production of electricity produced with the help of photovoltaic panels will be higher than that consumed. Thus, we confirm the company's development direction based on reducing the impact on the environment", adds Ciprian Otea, general manager of Misavan.

The initiative of the new Ecolabel range comes in support of the company's development direction in the area of ​​eco-friendly products, the products included in this range (degreaser, anti-limescale, floor detergent, universal surface detergent, dish detergent, hand soap, and window solution).

Products marketed under this label have a low environmental impact, guaranteed, and independently verified.

"In the current context, the business direction of any company, but especially in our field of activity, must also focus a lot on the environmental protection component. Misavan decided to focus its sustainability strategy on two fronts. Thus, in addition to reducing the amount of plastic material in our packaging and supporting green energy, we have now launched a range of products under the Ecolabel label. These products are certified by authorized bodies and laboratories, in accordance with the current European and international standards", declares Ciprian Otea, general director of Misavan.

Globally, Ecolabel is the result of a demanding and rigorous process of classification and recognition of a company's efforts to protect the environment. The certification standards cover the effects on air quality, the way energy and water are used, the degree of recyclability, and the use of natural resources. The certification of these products evaluates their impact on the environment throughout their life cycle and guarantees the composition and use criteria established by the European Union.

Last year, Misavan put into operation a new warehouse in the town of Miroslava, with an area of ​​5,000 sqm and an investment of approximately €7 million. At the same time, the company decided to move its headquarters to this logistics warehouse, not just the storage and distribution activities.

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